In House Or Outsourced IT Support

In-House or Outsourced IT Support – Which One is Better for You?

The IT industry is continuously growing. Technology advances and companies are inventing new solutions to help improve their operations, increase productivity, or streamline processes. Because technology can be costly for a company to maintain on its own staff alone, many businesses will decide that they would rather get some external support in the form of an external IT Support provider like us at  Anika Tech Support who specializes in Managed IT Support for small and medium businesses.

If you’re looking to employ an IT team in order to deploy, secure, and maintain your company’s infrastructure and software solutions, as well as provide a productive work environment for employees, then it is worth exploring the benefits of outsourcing your IT tasks. 

Some organizations have in-house teams. Others outsource IT to other companies, typically ones focused on technology management and development. There are many pros and cons for each option – we’ll explore these so you can make an informed decision between the two options of having your own team or outsourcing it to another company!

In-House VS Outsourced IT Support

In-House IT Support

In-House IT Support

In-house IT support is where you will have an internal team of IT specialists inside your business premises. You can hire experts and they are completely under control by the company, so if there’s a problem it needs to be addressed, they can act immediately.  

In House IT Support Advantages  

Having an IT team in house has got a lot of advantages. For example, when hiring you will be able to specify not only the qualifications for prospective employees but also their skill set, which will help you cover most of your needs.  

Having a team of your own will allow them to understand the systems and infrastructure that power your business. That includes quickly troubleshooting any IT issues you encounter. If their expertise is needed, an internal team is much more useful for projects requiring close monitoring and management.  

In-House IT Support Disadvantages  

Hiring your own IT Manager has got lots of advantages but, it can be a huge expense for your company. It is said the average salary for an IT Manager in UK is around £40,000 GBP without any benefits or an ongoing training cost.   

Your in-house IT team knows your organisation and your systems inside out that help you run your company smoothly on a day-to-day basis.  However, if something comes up outside their skill set, you have to seek help from an outsourced company.  

In addition, if your team is small and does not have the time to do everything on their plate, then it will be hard for them to solve software and hardware problems while still concentrating on big projects.  

Up-scaling for in-house IT teams can be tough, especially when you’re already working on various other tech issues. Anika Tech Support can help create a security framework and future proofing your IT from the beginning so you have peace of mind as your business grows. 

Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced IT Support 

Outsourcing IT services provides both an economical and flexible solution. Your organization can choose to pay a fixed monthly fee or only for the services you need delivered.  

Outsourced IT Support  Advantages 

This flexibility is contrary to what your organization would get with an internal team, which means that while there are many advantages in outsourcing, cost-effectiveness is among the biggest.  

When outsourcing IT support, we will assess your infrastructure and take an active approach to diagnosing issues with aging equipment, hardware, and warranties. Most IT support companies also provide a service level agreement (SLA) that assures customers of high-quality service.  

Managed IT support can also provide consultancy services to help you choose the solutions that increase your business growth and be able to meet changing demands in your industry.  

Outsourcing is a great way for small and medium sized businesses to stay competitive with larger corporations while still focusing enough time and resources in their niche markets or products.  

Outsourced IT Support  Disadvantages  

One downside of remote IT support is that they are not physically present, which means their response time may be longer. 

Another drawback of outsourcing IT services is that you have less control over your system since it’s not being handled by members of your staff. Agreeing on general objectives and priorities with your provider might reduce this drawback, but it’s still a big difference from having direct supervision over your credentials staff.  

Also, another risk associated with having an outsourced IT company is that you can be tied to a long contract. When agreeing to a contract, it’s always important to note your contact length and notice period. 

If you’re outsourcing an IT company for your business, there are a number of things worth considering before making a decision. You should look at their work in detail on their website and Google reviews. Typically, they’ll also have testimonials from current clients as well to reassure customers that the work is accomplished in a professional way. All good businesses will show accreditations (certified by an independent organization) too which shows that the company has had its services assessed against certain standards. 

In–House or Outsourced IT Support? Which is better? 

In–House vs Outsourced IT Support

In-house IT support team is ideal for large enterprises, which have more employees as well as more complex technology and solutions to maintain. This option also lends itself well to larger companies with the manpower and resources to build a full-time staff. On the other hand, small or mid-sized businesses perform better by partnering with a managed IT services company (which provides them with expertise without having to employ their own full-time IT team).   

Sometimes finding a good company for your needs can be a difficult task. The perfect solution depends largely on how much you’re willing to invest into it and what areas you need more assistance in.   

In addition to looking at the price, you should also consider experience when thinking about outsourcing. You want someone who has been doing something like this professionally at least once or twice before, so they know what their job entails – from start to finish with all of its intricacies included.  

To receive expert advice on an IT setup, contact us. We would love to talk you through various options and discuss how we can best serve you. To set up a call or send us a message please click here

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