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Anika Tech Support offers IT Strategy Consultancy Services to any local Organization that needs trusted advice and expert IT assistance from a seasoned IT Professional. We use our expert knowledge to solve your instant and long-term business challenges. Our IT solutions will help your business grow fast.

Do you need professional IT consultancy services? Are you facing the technical IT issues in your organization? If so, don’t worry because we have the best professional IT consultant specialists who will help you get rid of the troubles.

Here you go.

First we listen to clients and genuinely understand their Technology issues and Business requirements, then our expert team research, analyse, and give a solution.

Professional IT Consultancy

Our Professional Consultants give expert advice and strategic guidance for all types of IT problems such as from a single problem to large challenges. These challenges may include:

Single IT problems

One-off’ assistance for any IT issue that you’re not able to resolve

Assistance with IT Projects

We will plan for your following project or provide expert strategic guidelines.

IT Purchasing Advice

We will make sure that you invest in the technology solutions that are suited to your business strategy and will help retain your business growth.

Cloud Adoption

We will give expert advice to ensure your business builds a seamless transition to the Cloud.

IT Strategy Roadmap Implementation

If IT is a core feature of your business model, then it is essential to implement an information technology Roadmap that will give the facility to the development of a successful IT strategy for the organisation. The primary functions of an IT Strategy Roadmap will help you to:

  • Realise what technology is needed to support the strategy of your business and how it can be delivered successfully to your internal departments.
  • Give facility to the IT investment for the next financial year.
  • Develop planning for following projects or resources.

IT Project Consultancy

We will give you strategic guidelines for the next IT Project. It might be from planning or design to deployment. Also, we’re even ready to advise on implementation.

If you have a failed project or you’re in the way of completing that’s facing difficulties, then we can control and assure a successful outcome.

We have experiences, skills, and knowledge

We have the knowledge, skills, and proficiency that is essential to help all types of projects including minor to big projects. We have an excellent professional control level to resolve all your difficulties.

We will give guidance and expert assistance for an extensive range of projects, including:

  1. Windows Server upgrade, design, and migration
  2. Colocation – Co-Location
  3. Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers
  4. IT Office relocations
  5. ICT Suite upgrades
  6. Cyber Security –Risk Assessment, PEN Testing, and solution,
  7. Unified Communications
  8. Cloud Services (public, private and hybrid)

Anika Tech Support has an internal structure explicitly dedicated to the creation, design, development, planning, and implementation of Professional Consulting Services and Technology.

These specialised services include the following areas:

  • Consultancy in the design and implementation of architectures in Information and Communication Technologies
  • Professional Assistance Services, Technical Support, and Maintenance in different hardware and software architectures
  • Consulting and Professional Services for the Management, Administration, and Outsourcing of ICT platforms
  • Training services, technology transfer and customer support in the adoption of new technological solutions and business management systems


  • We have depth knowledge in the IT field, and our experts know how they can fulfill our clients’ needs.
  • We have years of experiences
  • Our transparent work is budget-friendly, and you will not get any surprises.
  • We will make a compelling business case to prove your investment in the best field that will accelerate your business growth and enhance productivity and profitability.
  • We’ll make your business case on realistic facts, statistics, and detail. Moreover, we will bring a practical path of action and a clear list of business benefits.

Our Mission, Our Goal

We use processes, systems and best practices in the market. Therefore, it is essential to keep our Mission in mind: ‘The Professional Advisory Service’.

Listening to clients, understanding their requirements and transforming them into a technological solution is our job, that’s the best part of Anika Tech Support.

Our duty is to convey a genuine interest in your business and how technology can help you run, manage and grow your business.

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