IT Project Management

Do you understand the value of IT project management? Do your projects meet the established objectives? Are they finished in time? Do they meet the expectations of everyone involved? Do they fit the budget?

If you have not answered yes to all these questions, in this article, we explain the importance of IT project management and why you should apply it without failing in your business.

Information technology (IT) project management is the process of planning, organizing and explaining the responsibility of achieving the specific IT goals of an organization.

Usually, our IT project management includes the supervision of software development projects, hardware installations, network upgrades, cloud computing and virtualization deployments, data management and business analysis projects, and the implementation of IT services.

Remove the risk of a failed IT project and be sure you get maximum value from your IT Investment by choosing us to successfully deliver your next IT Project, on-time and within budget.

IT Project Management Service London
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Our Anika Tech Support Management Project Services

With our Anika Tech Support management project services, you’ll save time. Our project managers will take the hardest work on their shoulder to implement your idea. A project manager can appear at any platform of the project, but the top success comes when the manager starts working with the team from the onset of project estimation and analysis. A manager can understand every technical detail.

Your local IT Project Management Experts

Anika Tech Support provides IT Project Management services to any local organization that needs to upgrade their existing IT systems for their business goal. No matter what kinds of requirements you have, our experienced IT Project specialists will accomplish your next IT Project on-time, within budget.

End-to-end IT Project Services

You can completely transform your IT project lifecycle on our expert hands. We will successfully finish your project whether it is planning or design to deployment or ongoing project support.

If you are in the way of finishing an IT project that’s falling, then we can control and assure a successful result. We have experiences, knowledge and skills that are essential to complete your IT infrastructure projects successfully. These include:

  • Small to mid-size projects that need a professional control level
  • A Large IT Project that is highly difficult in nature and higher risk

What IT projects can we deliver?

  • Windows Server upgrade, design and migration
  • Cloud Services Adoption (public, private and hybrid cloud Solutions)
  • Virtual Private and dedicated Server implementation
  • ICT Suite upgrades
  • Colocation
  • IT Office relocations
  • Unified Communications
  • Cyber Security –Risk Assessment, PEN Testing and solution implementation

In Anika Tech Support, we offer a comprehensive service scheme that covers the execution of IT projects under various contracting modalities for all types of projects, industries and clients, both in the public and private sectors and within the scope of their needs.

Professional Project Management Services London

Comprehensive Professional Services in Project Management

For this item, we offer the work of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in the direction and management of projects, in the following modalities:

  • Management adapted to the need of the client, following its standards, policies and work methodology.
  • Management with use of own methodology

Consultancy and methodological support in Project Management

In this sense, we put the support of our professionals at your disposal in methodological coaching for project management, the supply of templates, forms and the necessary advice to the Client Project Management staff, assuming the role of a Project Management Office of Support.

IT Project management benefits

  • It makes ground rules and expectations for the project team.
  • It offers functional managers, project managers and the operational staff with a common language that makes easy communication and ensures that everyone is on the same page.
  • Managers can quickly know which project items are going on smoothly.

Why choose us to hire these services?

We have experience in core business processes for various areas: Banking, Telecommunication

  • We offer management adapted to your needs
  • We have verifiable success cases
  • Our human resource is in constant training
  • We apply the best practices
  • We are allied with renowned technology partners

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