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We have Trusted and Experienced Office IT Rqelocation specialists.

Our Anika Tech Support provides professional office IT relocation services to any local company. Our services are available in every part of UK. We’re trusted and reputable IT Service Company that has ample experiences in the field of Office IT relocation. We will complete all of IT Office relocation projects.

Pre-move ICT Audit

The good thing to a successful IT office relocation projects is well-planning. Our managers give careful attention to detail. They will also communicate with you at each stage of the project so that you can be exactly sure what will be happening or when.

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Our project manager will closely work with your project if a moving date is fixed. Also, they will finish the following tasks.

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Existing IT Audit

We will go for a complete review of your existing IT infrastructure and make an inventory list of hardware that’s being retired or retained. If you are upgrading your IT tools, then we will be able to offer a WEEE IT recycling service as a part of office moving project.

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Additional IT Equipment

If your company is large, then we will confirm what other IT Systems are needed for the new office

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Data and Telecoms

We’ll ensure what Telecoms and ISP service suppliers are being cancelled or retained. We will reach out to existing and new providers to create the necessary arrangements

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New Office IT Audit

Our experts will run for a complete researchable review to your new organisation so that they can identify the new network and communication tools that are needed before starting the move. Network Cabling, Switches, Patch Panels, Internet connectivity, and server racks or cabinets. We will also go for identifying the accessibility issues that can hamper a successful result such as lifts, parking, and office access tomes.

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We’ll manage our procurement team to give you costing or equipment that is needed for your new office

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We’ll help the physical move of your IT tool on moving day.

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Pre-moving Day Checks

We’ll ensure the installation, testing and working of the connectivity including;

Structured data cabling – Including sockets, faceplates and patch panels.

Internet connectivity – We’ll confirm your Internet connectivity working and experiment the line speed

Wireless Connectivity – We’ll configure, install and test the wireless connectivity that is needed before moving day.

Disaster Recovery – We’ll make sure your IT processes are appropriately backed up before starting the office move. So your Disaster Recovery solution could be quickly rolled out.

New IT Tool – We’ll ensure that your new IT tool has been correctly placed and everything is present

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Get to know us, discover who we are and let us take care of you. Specify all the services you will need to start working as soon as possible. You will complete a welcome questionnaire to be able to know your preferences and wishes.

Our People

We are a team of professionals who have personally gone through the successful IT office relocation projects. For us, it is so familiar that we know even the smallest detail about it. At Relocation Services in the UK, we experience the emotional cost of the process, so we know how to help you manage each step for a quick, simple and successful relocation.

Personalised & close services

We are with the relocation projects from the beginning, because we believe that an effective relocation must be accompanied with closeness and empathy and the whole process must be adapted to each person individually.


As we have personally experienced the relocation process, we know all the inconveniences that may arise from the process and leave everything ready before your arrival. Do not you worry about anything!

Fast, efficient & quality

We work from the beginning of the process to meet all your needs as soon as they appear, and we ensure the efficiency of our services and offer the highest possible quality.

Enjoy the process

We want our clients to enjoy the process in full swing both working and individual.

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  • With many years, we have successfully delivered various IT Office relocation projects.
  • We will give a complete managed service that comes with planning, procurement, managing and coordinating logistics.
  • You will get a committed Project Manager that will carefully handle the whole Relocation project, from conception to completion.

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