How to Solve Common IT Support Issues?

In the fast-paced world of technology, plenty of IT Support Issues keep emerging from time to time. But these are not something to fret over. Because computers are machines that run for many hours, the surfacing of some common IT support problems is always in hindsight. If you have been facing similar IT Support issues,then keep reading this article, we are going to discuss some prevalent IT help desk issues.

Solve Common IT Support Issues

How to Solve Common IT Support Problems?

Frequent Pop-Up Ads:

Pop-Up AD IT Support Issue

Pop-up ads are one of the most common IT Support Issues. These ads are unavoidable as they appear out of nowhere. Some of these ads are warnings from your computer security system, highlighting some performance issues that need your attention. However, some are just random ads indicating that your computer may be infected with some adware. You can always choose the block option for pop-up ads. You can also activate your system’s security software to eliminate this malware in case of a nuisance.

Facing Blue Screen Death:

Facing Blue Screen Death common IT issue

The blue screen is not a new IT help desk issue when it comes to computers. One of the worst things about this error is that strikes at the most unexpected times, or when you are doing an important task. Restart your computer, and this IT issue is likely to go away. You can also scan your computer for some malware, by running some anti-virus software. Also, make sure that you have enough space on your computer, and the RAM is correctly connected to the motherboard. Another IT support solution is to update the drivers of your hardware.

Poor WiFi Connection:

Poor Wifi connection support issue

The most recurring IT support issues and solutions revolve around restarting the machine. With frequent computer usage, wireless internet connections can get disconnected, and it is one of the most common IT support issues. The rule of thumb in this scenario is to turn off and on the wifi router. If it doesn’t help, make sure it isn’t overloaded. To be on the safe side, you can install multiple wifi devices to avoid bottlenecks since most gadgets these days rely on wifi.

Weird Noise Generation:

Grinding noises or any other kind of noise coming-off of your computer is alarming. But it does not mean that it’s uncommon. Many computers make noises when they are over-worked, and their hardware gets heated. The best solution for this issue is to turn off your computer immediately. Make sure all the air vents are obstruction-free and clear. Please do not turn it on until it has cooled down.

Difficulty in login:

If you are unable to log into your computer, then there can be several reasons. You might have recently changed the password and forgot it. In this case, you can always request a new password forwarded to the email address you register your account on. Make sure your caps lock are off, and all the keys work fine. You can also use a different keyboard to be sure.

Accidentally deleting some critical Files:

 delete file - common IT support issue

Accidental file deletion is another common IT Support Issue. If the files are in Recycle Bin, they can be quickly recovered. However, if you have emptied the recycle bin, stop using your system and contact any IT Support professional. If you do not use the system, it would be much easier for the experts to recover that data.

I cannot start my Computer due to the IT Support issues:

If your computer does not start, do not panic. First of all, check the plug, and if it is alright, change the power source, as the trouble may be in your power source rather than the computer. You also need to make sure that all the hardware is correctly connected and their cables are fine. You can try a different power cable. Pay attention if your system is making any beeping sound, which might be due to some error. After you are done doing all these tricks, and the computer still does not start, you should call an IT Support expert who will resolve your issue in no time.

I cannot print anything related to IT Support issues:

IT Experts solve printing issue

Another prevalent desktop support issues involve the inability of the system to print anything. Most people start panicking when this happens. If you face this issue, do not panic and check whether your printer is connected to the right power source. And if it is, whether it is turned on. So many people make this mistake where they do not turn on the printer. However, if it still does not work, you need to contact an IT worker.

Downloading is taking too long:

There can be different reasons for slow downloading. Either your Internet speed can be very slow, or your computer is short on storage space. If there are unnecessary files on your computer, make sure to delete those so the speed can enhance. You can also try turning the router off and on once. However, if there is a workload or too many people in the office rely on one router only, try getting multiple wifi devices for everyone’s convenience.</p

The internet is slow. What do I do?

Slow internet is also a widespread IT Support Issue. Various viruses and Spywares can be the cause of slow internet. But before panicking, check on your internet speed at SpeedTest.Net.

This test will help you learn whether it is your computer that is working slowly or the internet. For the viruses, you can ask your teammates what kind of websites they have been visiting. Because certain websites inevitably bring the virus into your system that can affect the internet speed. If you are done doing all these things, and the internet problem is still there, you should call your internet provider. They will send a professional that will update, or install new software to resolve this issue. If your hardware has a problem, they will change it too.


In the above paragraphs, we mentioned some of the most common IT Support Issues. If you are using a computer, these IT support problems are a common occurrence. Therefore, you should not panic. First, try to get rid of the issue yourself. And if the issue remains, you can always contact an IT professional who will do it for you.

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