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Anika Tech Support – IT Support London is the IT service agency based in London, UK, where you get all your IT problems perfectly managed and solved. We began our journey with the vision of achieving smooth, functional, and efficient IT solutions for companies that need IT support. Having a competent and skilful IT team gives us the confidence to assure you of the most satisfactory service. Your IT system will be in good hands for sure. We can be the one-stop solution to all your IT issues. 

IT Support London

Managed IT Support London

You do not want to slow down because your company suddenly encounters IT issues and lacks sufficient support. With that, your company not only loses precious hours but a considerable investment as well. It is thus essential to introduce an IT infrastructure that is strong and reliable.

To ease your task, Anika Tech here to assist you in building an IT system that is updated, well-established and powerful. We not only take care of your IT problems but also ensure that they are delivered fast and with effective techniques for a smooth future operation, growth, and scalability. Our service also includes observing and optimising your entire IT infrastructure to cut down downtime. We are easy to work with and always ready to listen to your needs.

Emergency IT Support in London

Emergencies in the IT system can occur at any point. It can be stressful and kills the entire office’s time and productivity. You can always approach us for immediate help. At Anika Tech Support, we offer 24/7 assistance to help you deal with any urgent IT situation. We maintain a strong work ethic, find a suitable and effective solution, and deliver fast.

Get easy access to our impromptu service system, communicate, and seek help. Our representatives will assign an IT expert. Receive maximum support and dedication while getting your IT issues handled.

Network Installation in London

Network Installation in London

A reliable network is all about a carefully planned and managed system. If you fail to conduct a regular and systematic operation, you may not obtain the result you hoped for and end up with a poor networking system.

How can we help? At Anika Tech Support, we build a robust network system for your company that is optimised for optimal performance. Our network builders are experts. They begin with assessing your business requirements first, followed by designing and implementing a customized idea suited to your business objectives. We ensure maximum benefit and plan a cost-effective system that will support the changing needs of your business.

Wifi installation in London

With the vast demand for internet service, introducing a Wi-Fi system has become indispensable. We will help install the entire Wi-Fi facility for you. Our engineers have enough expertise and experience in professional installation services along with a broader range of installation facilities suited to your company’s needs. We will ensure seamless connectivity of the internet network throughout your location.

IT Project Management London

The need for an update of the IT system and continuous support is necessary to ensure growth in your business. If you lack the expertise, you can call us for assistance. Our comprehensive IT project Management service includes planning and monitoring your IT system for successful completion and outcome of the project.

We tailor our plans according to the business requirements, not depending on some cliched tactics. We first listen to your issues, needs and weave plans around them. Our service is fast, robust, and within budget.

IT Consultation in London

To gain the most out of your business opportunities, you need to have the proper IT solution infrastructure and support system. You can entirely depend on us for that. Yes, we have a breadth of expertise in all related IT fields. As mentioned earlier, we not merely implement plans but try to develop the best strategy tailored to your business needs, objectives, and budget. We also devise ideas based on a long-term view of your business IT requirements.

Server Installation and Upgrades in London

Installation of the server and regular upgrading of it is necessary to establish a proper IT system and network for your company. Not only that, but you also need to make sure that it is properly implemented, managed, and configured.

Once again, We are offering to assist you in the installation process of the server, help you upgrade or replace the old server when needed.

What makes us so confident? Well, we have a team of certified engineers who have immense knowledge and expertise in the area. They can competently build a server for your business that is robust, reliable, and helps you accomplish your task efficiently.

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IT Relocation Services in London

If you are worried about how to relocate and reset the IT system after moving into a different location, here’s how we can help. The relocation service by Anika Tech Support includes taking care of everything until you move into a new place. We will assist in transferring equipment in the safest way possible and setting up all of them in the new location. We ensure your IT equipment is handled correctly, with safely, and delivered on time.

Office 365

Anika Tech Support have designed an innovative cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 to maximise work efficacy, business efficiency, management, and daily going-on. From installation to configuration, migration, and implementation of Office 365, we ensure all-inclusive support throughout the entire process. Our objective is to help you gain maximum benefit from all the opportunities.

Office 365 Setup Services in London
Cloud Backup Solutions in London

Cloud Backup Solutions in London

It is a must that you keep a backup of everything. You may lose important data in emergency situations such as natural disasters, fire, or power loss.

Cloud-based system of Anika Tech Support safely keeps the backup of all your data. We provide strong security and a quick recovery plan when an emergency strikes. In the process, we listen to you; your ideas to adapt the perfect plan that your business requires.

IT Security Services in London

It is impossible to ignore IT security threats as they constantly multiply and evolve. Handling these could be a challenge as they are frequent and sometimes even takes time and effort to resolve.

We will help your business manage and stay ahead of such malicious threats. We have a security solution that perfectly guards your service and enhances your security system. Our experts will identify potential risks in no time and take actions immediately to secure your IT systems from present and further damage.

IT Security Services in London

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