IT Support in Putney SW15

IT Support Putney SW15

At Anika Tech Support, We acknowledge the importance of IT supports for businesses and we focus on solutions that works with advanced technology. We maintain and improve our solutions in time with technology trends keeping your businesses IT optimal for future.  We provide IT Project Management, Managed IT Services, Ad-Hoc IT Support in Putney and Emergency IT Support in Putney. Bellow is a list of services we can help with.

IT Support Putney

Managed IT Support in Putney

Our bespoke Managed IT solutions are a perfect option for any business. Our team are happy to support you with handovers when your current contract is due for renewal.

We take on clients when we have agreed on a bespoke solution that delivers exactly what our client needs.  We don’t just meet the operational and budgetary needs of your business, We also create a strong working relationships with your team.

For all your Managed IT solutions and any Emergency IT Support in Putney contact us today on 02084329668

Managed IT Support in Putney
Emergency IT Support in Putney

Emergency IT Support in Putney SW15

Our IT specialists are available in case of an IT crisis, our technicians will do everything in their control to fix glitches on your network.
If you require Emergency IT Support in Putney, get in touch with us today on 02084329668.
We offer support plans for business continuity and disaster recovery. Sign up for Emergency IT Support in Putney and keep your business running efficiently with minimum downtime.

Network Installation in Putney SW15

All our network plans and installations are in line with the industrial SOPs Standard Operating Procedures. We hold the reputation for having highly educated and experienced IT specialists added to our personnel.

Experienced in managing networks from 500 – 2500 user for schools. We also manage small business networks ranging from 5 – 10 user offices and anything in between.

Help with systems of different sizes extending from 1 – 10 client office setups to 1500 – 2000+ client systems with multiple sites, contact us today.

If you are looking for a Network installation or network manager in Putney then look no further. We can help any business in Putney with the installation and management of your network planed and created to best suit your business.

If you require a Network Installation in Putney get in touch with us today. has your network failed then you need Emergency IT Support in Putney to call us now on 02084329668?

Network Installation in Putney
IT Project Management in Putney

IT Project Management in Putney

We collaborate with your business and become an extension of your business. Specializing in IT so you don’t have to, Supporting your business with your IT issues.

Are you a business located in Putney and are searching for IT Project Management?

Anika Tech Support is here to work with you by managing your IT systems and helping you plan the technology solutions that will become a driving force in businesses’ future success.

Projects such as Cloud Migration, Windows 10 Upgrades, Office 365 or G-Suite migrations are just a few we can help your business with.

Contact us today to book a consultancy to discuss your upcoming project work on 02084329668.

IT Consultancy in Putney

Our IT Consultations consultations range from managed IT services and project management. The focus is to ensure that business’ technological strategies are in sync with the business’ operational strategies.

Our services, can help businesses identify their IT needs and create a tailor made plan to advance technology in the business, ensuing minimal downtime and round the clock support.

If you’re currently looking for IT solutions for your business call us we are offering free small business network audits to help understand your requirement and then  devise the best solutions for your IT needs.

Email us using the form on the right to book your Free Small Business Network Audit today.

IT Consultancy in Putney
Server Installations and Upgrades in Putney

Server Installations and Upgrades in Putney

Anika Tech Support offers Server installations, Server migrations, Server upgradesand server maintenance for businesses in Putney.

Servers onsite are becoming more obsolete with a rising demand for cloud migration. We are able to help and support your business for both physical onsite servers as well as cloud based solutions.  Use the contact form on the right or give us a call today for a consultation.

We offer contractual remote monitoring and management as well as adhoc plans for Emergency IT Support in Putney for server related problems.

IT Relocation Services in Putney

IT Relocation covers two forms of relocation services, the first being physical moving office, and the other upgrading and migrating to cloud solutions or off-site services.

We recognize the fact that IT relocation can be an extremely tough task. When businesses develop, their IT framework develops too and there may come a time when you need to migrate.

We help customers with their IT relocation needs by moving the current servers and information to the new server clouds. If you’re a developing business and need to know how we help you move your IT system, contact us today.

 If your moving offices and need IT services to relocate and recreate networks in new premises then call us now on 02084329668.

IT Relocation Services in Putney
Cloud Backup Solutions in Putney

Cloud Backup Solutions in Putney SW15

Cloud backup should provide the accessibility of businesses critical data from anyplace at one touch. We are a Datto Partner offering some fantastic services for Business Continuity and Disaster recovery.

Our Cloud backup ensures that the data is managed and stored securely. We create bespoke  cloud backup solutions based on your business needs.

We offer a regular full backup and incremental backups to the cloud scheduled out of hours to minimize network  impact.

Contact us today and make sure your business is safe and secure against cyber crime and disasters call us now on 02084329668 or email use using the form above.

IT Security in Putney SW15

With the advancement of IT, amount of dangers to your sensitive data has likewise increased. Anika Tech Support are local and experts when it comes to IT Security.

From firewalls to the security and safety of your information we can help. Our IT security solutions are tailor made to work for your business. Contact us today to arrange a consultation with our team.

IT Security in Putney

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