IT Support Services for Schools at Anika Tech Support, we understand that educational institutes have different IT requirements than businesses. We provide both IT support for primary schools and secondary schools specifically tailored to running your school effectively and without a hitch.

  • Our main goal is to get to know your school your values and your team so we could cater to your needs and requirements. We will listen to you, note your problems, and figure out effective IT solutions for you.
  • Our next objective is to have our team of experienced and proficient IT professionals create solutions for schools IT support and design a system custom made for you.

Our motto is to work until you are happy.

We understand that IT Support Services for Schoolsis an integral part of running an educational institute where you provide young students with technology based academic learning.

We work in three very simple steps:

  • Understand Your Problems
  • Design Effective IT Solutions
  • Provide Continued IT Support Services for Schools

Our Main focus is always to make sure the teachers can teach and the students can learn we do our very best to make sure that this is key in everything we do.

IT Support Services for Schools
IT Support for Schools London

You Deserve the Best

At Anika Tech Support, we focus on your individual requirements. We do not believe in generic IT Support Services for Schools. We believe our IT services must mirror the individual status and requirement of your institution, and providing you a ‘one size fits all’ service is not how we work.

Want to find out how we can cater to your individual needs for schools IT support? Contact us today and learn about our services for IT Support Services for Schools.

Primary Schools IT Support

At Anika Tech Support, we work diligently with the staff and IT department to provide timely and scheduled IT Support Services for Schools.

Our services include:

  • Onsite Support
  • Telephone and Remote Assistance
  • Network Security
  • Network Maintenance
  • Project Management

We also offer premium services for schools IT support including tech based academic learning, IT support for server room, offices, and reception areas.  Our experts understand how important IT is in the primary curriculum of your school. At Anika Tech Support, we install and implement new technological devices and solutions like digital learning devices such as:

  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Projectors
  • Interactive Whiteboards etc.

Contact one of the team today and find out more on our IT Support Services for Schools.

Primary Schools IT Support London

Secondary Schools IT Support

At Anika Tech Support, we also consider the needs of secondary schools. To provide schools IT support to secondary educational institutions, we implement both cloud based learning and cloud based virtualization of school hardware and software.

Secondary Schools IT Support Services London

Secondary IT Support Services for Schools include:

  • Centralized Mobile Device Management Solutions
  • Network Monitoring System
  • Fast Resolutions to IT Issues

Our fast and effective IT Support Services for Schools will free your IT manager from their day-to-day duties of the maintenance of IT systems so they could focus more on your school’s activities and academic success.

Why Choose Anika Tech Support?

At Anika Tech Support, we provide reliable, efficient and cost effective IT support in schools. We provide top quality service tailored to meet your individual requirements as an educational institution in London.

Our team of experts is dedicated to provide you quality IT support services so you could run your academic programme efficiently and with the help of the best tech experts in the city.