Managed Backup Solutions

We provide Online Data Backup services to any local Organization in the UK that is a budget-friendly and efficient way to safely backup and restore the business-critical data.

You can choose different Managed Backup packages for your Windows or Linux server. You can also combine other network drives or your hard drive in the cloud. Our online data backup services are intelligent, affordable and efficient.

A standard backup is essential to significantly reduce the risk and restore vital data quickly when it is most needed.

We manage the entire backup solutions for you including – the initial installation and configuration, monitoring and even configuration changes. Data backups of the whole server are stored and efficiently kept.

Best Managed Backup Solutions London

Our Anika Tech Support services implement and manage the backup copies so that you can ensure that your data is always available.

However, it might be you have two hundred employees, and your company generates significant amounts of data daily that may be left unprotected. There are emails, invoices, presentations, technical sheets, balance sheets and research reports, which are created daily.


Our Anika Tech Support Data Backup solution offers
excellent protection for your business, and they are also easy to use:


It allows safe backups of PC and Mac computers, as well as mobile phones

Protection against disk failures

It supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10 and X-RAID protection against disk failures.

Antivirus protection

It includes free real-time antivirus protection

Restoring files

It takes snapshots every hour that does not take up much space and can be restored instantly.

What types of devices can I backup?

Our Managed Backup could be used to restore and backup electronic information that’s found on the most devices.

Our online data backup service covers application servers and windows file, laptops, Desktop, macs, NAS and tablet devices that use apple, windows, iOS, and Android.

You can also backup data on the following platforms:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Hyper-V and VMware
  • Office 365
  • Oracle Server
  • Microsoft (MS) SharePoint Server
  • Linux Servers
  • Microsoft SQL server
  • Windows Server process state configuration

As you grow, you need a dynamic, flexible and more advanced solution

As your company grows, the volume of data increases and a flexible approach for the future is essential. You need an easy-to-use advanced backup and recovery solution that you can count on every day.

Without it, something as simple as tripping over a cable or clicking on a malicious link can cause severe problems for your business, affect the reputation of your company and make customers go away.

The high-security standard for your backups

AES-256-Bit encryption and personal password for storing your data (optional)

SSL encryption for the transmission of your data

Storage of your backup copies, including all settings and user accounts in our certified data centers

Complete system images

Do you have to restore your entire operating system? No problem, the system images are backup copies of your operating system as a whole that store all data, applications, and user rights.

Version control

With the help of different versions of your backup copies, you can always choose the appropriate version to restore your server. You select the retention rules of your backups according to your needs.

Easy restoration

Do you have a dedicated or completely virtualised server? You can always choose between you want to make a complete backup of your entire system, and just some specific data and applications. Secure your data in the cloud to restore them from anywhere with any device.

You need to ensure the protection of your company’s data.

It would help if you overcame critical downtime or devastating revenue losses.

It would help if you overcame critical downtime or devastating revenue losses.

  • Efficient restoration and backup
  • A Cloud-based backup solution
  • Restoring your lost or deleted data within seconds
  • Managing the online backup services through a user-friendly dashboard
  • Restoring your data in the original location chosen by you

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