Managed IT Support Pricing

Managed IT Services Plans and Pricing

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, you must have heard about Managed IT Support services. To have your company’s IT department managed by an outside company sounds not only fascinating but also has numerous benefits: you do not need to hire a full time IT staff or the IT employees. This, in turn, helps your business save money. So if you are a business owner looking for Managed IT Support and would like to find out how it works, you are at the right place. Keep reading this article to learn about Managed IT Support services and its pricing.

Managed IT Support Plans And Pricing

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services means outsourcing your company’s IT department to a third party – usually an IT service provider company. This company, or a team of experts who manage your IT department charges you a certain amount for providing those services. The interesting fact is that numerous tasks lie under the umbrella of Managed IT Services. Data backup, solving Help Desk problems, managing network security, providing cyber security, etc. – all these services are provided in Managed IT Services.

Types of Managed IT Support:

Managed IT Support Services are divided into Partially Managed IT Support and Fully Managed IT Support.

Partially Managed IT Support:

Partially Managed IT Support

The companies or businesses with an in-house IT team employed outsource a part of the IT department to IT Support Company. This way, most of their daily tasks are taken care of by their in-house team. At the same time, the selective and most significant jobs go to the outsider IT team. The company also decides what tasks it will outsource and what tasks will be managed by the in-house IT team. This partial outsourcing of IT services is considered as Partially Managed IT Support.

Fully Managed IT Support Services:

Fully Managed IT Support Services

Many small to mid-size businesses completely outsource their IT department. This is beneficial in a way that it saves them money. Small IT companies provide all the services the businesses ask them to, and at competitive rates. These packages vary in task and price. Fully Managed IT Support Services help a business run smoothly 24/7 and provide many other insights and advice and keep in touch with the market’s latest demands.

Managed IT Support Pricing:

Prices for Managed IT Support depend on many factors. They also vary with region, providers, and customers. However, there are different Managed IT Support Pricing models available. These include:

Per-Device Pricing:

Managed IT Support Pricing

In the per-device pricing plan, the IT Managed Service Providers charge the company based on devices they use for that company. The number and type of devices being used decide the price. For example, the MSPs will charge 50 pounds per month for a Desktop, or 200 Pounds per Server. As the business grows and the number of devices being used increases, the monthly fee also increases. Anika Tech Support – IT Support London will not Charge That Much!

Per-User Pricing:

Per-user pricing is also quite similar to the Per-Device pricing model. The only difference is that instead of the number of devices being used, Managed Service Providers charge depending on the quantity of managed end-users. The company also pays a monthly fee in this pricing model.

The Per-User pricing model is based on all the end-users and the devices they use, supported by MSPs. For example, an end-user may be using an Office PC, a laptop, and a smartphone. Although these are three devices, the company will be charged for one user only. The plan also includes the margin of how many devices can be used per end user.

SLA Pricing:

SLA or Service Level Agreement pricing model is a relatively new model in Managed IT Support Services. It includes the type of service response level needed. In the SLA Pricing model, customers define the particular services they need and when they need them in the contract. For instance, a company can decide that they need IT assistance from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. or 24/7 support. Moreover, the providers can also guarantee the time duration within which they will respond. It is all recorded in the contract, and the pricing follows that.

Value-Based Pricing:

In the Value-Based Pricing model, the client gets charged for the IT Services and Support provided to them, which can also be customized according to the client’s needs and budget. Value-Based Managed IT Support is one of the most common choices for businesses looking for on-site IT network support. For example, Value 1 pricing can be a set of help desk services with remote monitoring and management (RMM), while Value 2 can only be a Help Desk Service, and so on. Pricing of Value-Based Managed IT Support is often combined with other pricing options.

Stabilized Environment Pricing:

In Stabilized Environment Managed IT Support Service, the provider managing your IT department for a long time offers you a Stabilized IT Environment Pricing. It is because the provider has become accustomed to your needs. This IT service type involved a fixed monthly fee that includes all the IT Support Services, including servers, users, mobiles, infrastructure, mobile devices, and applications. It is also known as AIPS – All-In-Per-Seat Pricing, and it is usually lower than other managed service provider pricing options.

Benefits of Managed IT Support:

Managed IT Support Services have numerous benefits. Such as:

All-hour Support:

Managed IT Services brings you the option of getting your IT-related issues resolved at all hours of the day. Whether it’s day or night. With a team of IT experts at your disposal, you need not worry about cyber security or any other threats regarding your data or maintenance, since your contract with the IT Support includes all these perks.

Cost-Effective Choice:

Managed IT Services is one of the most economical options for your business’s progress and safety in the technological era of today. However, to save your bucks, do not go for the cheapest option. Ponder over your needs and then make a contract accordingly.

Managed IT Support Company:

If you are looking for a Managed IT Support Company that is run by professionals, you can reach us at Our services focus on the Proactive support, growth, continuity, and development of your business. We support both public and private sectors using the latest tech. We offer:

We are hopeful this article will help you understand the pricing plans and strategies of the Managed IT Support Services.

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