WiFi Install and Maintenance

WiFi Installations and management service – We understand the fact that technology has changed a lot in recent years.

We have acknowledged the importance, growth, and diversity of clients along with the various types of devices and technology they use.

We know in recent years this has increased and this means the requirement for sustainable WiFi and connectivity are crucial for any business.

Our wireless installations and management services support your company in improving and sustaining great wireless connectivity for all your commercial devises.

On a regular basis we have been called for Network Slowdown, Weak coverage / signal, and intermittent dropouts these issues are becoming more visible as the technology progresses and the businesses have not maintained their network to keep them optimal to a high standard.

To solve these issues, we install, Fix, Support and manage wireless networks which ensures up time, efficiency and user productivity also we plan upgrades to proactively handle the ghastly growing traffic on the network.

WiFi Install and Maintenance Support London
Wi-Fi installation in london

Anika Tech Support offers complete and ample Wi-Fi installation services promising the professional and fast deployment of the user’s wireless networks. We will install, resolve the troubleshoot issues, and support all characteristics of wired as well as Wi-Fi networking of your commercial premises. We will troubleshoot and resolve every problematic aspect of your network to make sure that your users have a fantastic fast and effective connection and user experience.

The technicians at Anika Tech Support will visit you onsite, gather all the information during our visit and carry out a site survey that we will use to generate a site survey report. Here is some of the data that will be collected in the survey

At Anika Tech Support, our goal is to incorporate the new solutions as required to help proactively progress the technology in your business and have the best solutions implemented into your day to day use of technology, ensuring that your users are able to use new technology without any system glitches or malfunction which you might have faced otherwise. We are aware that the installation phase of any every project can be challenging given the limited access to various locations such as high walls or ceilings. In any such case, we make sure that we are carrying a ladder or portable lift with us. The report that we make at the time of site visit helps us ensure that we are carrying everything that we might require during installation and for support contracts in order to operate smoothly. For new installs we design the location of antennas as well as the access points using the survey report. If the report survey shows the heighted locations, portable towers, steps and other platforms may be required.

Our services at Anika Tech Support include the following;

  • Physical mounting of antennas by our installers
  • Termination as well as the connection of coaxial cables
  • Termination and connection of LAN services to the possible access points
  • Physical installation of access points by our expert installers along with the physical configuration
  • The configuration of bandwidth controllers, hotspot gateways, and routers
  • Once we have completed the installation project, the installation report will be developed with following points;
  • Coverage map of Wi-Fi services
  • Installation pictures of antennas, cable layouts, and access points
  • Configuration of access and router points

Commercial Wi-Fi

At Anika Tech Support, we understand the importance of secure yet fast commercial Wi-Fi for the businesses of today’s corporate world. Its irrelevant if your business is operating on small scale or the large scale. In today’s world, a reliable network solution can ensure the productivity of work. Many organizations are turning towards the wireless technologies for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and communications.

Anika Tech Support specializes in the planning, designing, and installations of business and commercial Wi-Fi. We offer robust yet reliable network solutions to all businesses in London and the surrounding areas, our service will ensure the fulfillment of commercial needs and for ensuring the efficiency of productivity. Our team can help you with specifying, sourcing, and installation of Wi-Fi services. Not only that, our team will also help manage the network service along with provision of 24/7 support. We are currently working with diverse business sectors, and some services we offer is small business Wi-Fi, Corporate WiFi, Wifi Upgrades and WiFi Maintenance. The team at Anika Tech Support will provide exceptional area coverage and network performance.

Some businesses today do not understand the importance of robust and reliable Wi-Fi solutions for their businesses. So, we have added the list of benefits you will be getting by becoming our client and using us to install, improve and manage your Wi-Fi solutions.

Commercial Wi-Fi install service london
Cloud Managed Wi-Fi Install Service London

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi

Our cloud managed Wi-Fi solutions offers an advanced and highly affordable and economical model for the businesses. Many businesses in corporate world are in a dire need of value-focused cloud managed Wi-Fi to ensure the smooth communications and to make sure that the customers’ expectations are being fulfilled. Anika Tech Support is offering high-quality Wi-Fi services to monitor and manage the wireless networks along with their operations.

  • Tracking of locations
  • Integration of social media
  • Security services for the endpoints
  • Data usage on various locations
  • Websites accessed from allowed sources
  • Websites accessed from blocked sources
  • Dwelling periods of visitors
  • Daily trends
  • C55 access points
  • Content filtering for all the Wi-Fi devices through cloud-based DNS
  • Service desk support

Managed WiFi

Anika Tech Support offers managed Wi-Fi services which will support your network and keep wifi monitored and optimal for business use. As we know, weak internet can have a negative effect on work productivity. Our team will provide each and every service required by your business to ensure the efficiency of network uptime. Once we have installed the management system, we will provide you with a bespoke SLA and ensure your business has the right level of support required.

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